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31st Offensive/Defensive Clinic - May 29-31, 2019

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18th Memorial Day Bash Tournament - May 25-27,2019


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21st Summer Instructional League - June 1-20, 2019

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LVBA Lightning Family Day

This years annual family day took place on March 17th.  The day included competitions and a bbq at the end of the competitions.  Competitors were made up of  a player and parent.  They  teamed up and competed in (5) different events - The Roadrunner, King of Swat, Golden Arm, Accuracy Throw, and the Quick Bat.  Winning teams were awarded prizes and bragging rights within the Organization for a year.   Willie James commented, "I think us coaches had more fun then the competitors!"  It was a great day had by all...

31st Annual summer offensive & defensive clinic

What Players Receive
Offense Includes:

Hitting, Bunting and Base running
*The mechanics of both Hitting & Bunting.  The mechanics are the key positions & movements.
*Exit velocity will be measured for hitting.
*Live hitting, tee's along with numerous drills will be taught to all players for their continued improvement.

Base running instruction will include turns, lead offs and what to look for from the pitcher when taking a lead

Defense includes:
*The mechanics of Pitching, Infield play, Outfield play and Catching -  (The position).  The mechanics are the key positions & movements.
* Velocity on fastballs will be measured.  Velocity on fastballs and Change ups will be measured
*Grips for Fastballs and Change ups.

Infield Play:
*Fielding Position, Fielding Footwork, Covering Bases & Tag Plays.
Outfield Play:
Footwork of Fly balls, Fielding Ground balls, Backing up bases and Defensive Communications

*Handouts that players can refer back to after the program concludes.
*Players will receive an Official LVBA t-shirt.
*Daily competitions of different baseball skills. Winners will be awarded prizes at the conclusion of camp.
*A learning environment that is exciting yet challenging for all ability levels.

LVBA Lightning Tournament Recaps



There are two types of kids that play the game - kids that play baseball or KIDS that are BASEBALL PLAYERS.  WHICH ARE YOU???  Here at LVBA we teach kids that play baseball to be BASEBALL PLAYERS!  In fact, we are looking to add to our 8u, 10u and 13u rosters.  If you are looking for a good fit, call today to attend a free tryout with the LONGEST running Club Baseball Organization in town.  We may not win every game but we teach kids that play baseball how to be BASEBALL PLAYERS.

Call 702-232-1330 for more information


DFC Pictures - Day 1

DFC Pictures - Day 2